Miavina: IoT Wine Device


Miavina is an IoT wine system disrupting the $80B wine industry. Miavina enhances the wine drinking experience and democratizes wine like never before.

I helped create the product suite, packaging, branding, UX/UI and app design. The project was created, venture-backed, and in partnership with fuseproject & Yves Behar.


Creative Director & Product Designer


Industrial Design, Branding, UI/UX, Packaging


We researched the market landscape and interviewed experts in the field to define the opportunity for a product like Miavina.


For centuries wine has been consumed the same way. It’s an industry that has seen very little innovation. On the commercial side, machines that integrate preservation systems to existing bottles are being experimented with. However, prohibitive costs and limited the ROI and has stunted the growth of the industry.

The Miavina machine brings innovation to wine consumption at home, using technology to preserve wine and add a level of interaction that makes wine more understandable. At the same time, it will retain certain sensory elements that go with the ceremony/rituals associated with wine.

The Miavina machine is a 360-degree wine-drinking experience. Through the development of a comprehensive wine library and IoT ecosystem, the Miavina will be a source for education, social networking, collaboration, and commerce for a diverse set of consumers to engage, share, explore and drink together.

Demographic Groups

We explored multiple demographics that could be a product-market fit before we ultimately surveyed and decided to focus on an individual group. 

Wine Drinkers – Millennials will be the early adopters. They are mass consumers of technology and are selecting wine as their preferred drink of choice more frequently than any generation before them.

Craft beer & artisanal spirits drinkers – Consumers that appreciate quality and craftsmanship and are already exploring these types of products.

Technology enthusiasts – People that embrace new technology and like exploring a different way.

Socially conscious and eco-friendly - Consumers that want to reduce their footprint.

The Why

We defined the main value proposition by doing secondary research and digging into the current statistics of the wine industry.
1.  Democratize wine | educate, demystify, sample
2.  Glass bottles are inefficient for drinking wine-by-the-glass | Wine goes sour before it can be consumed
3.  Extend the shelf life of wine | Up to 30% of the wine is lost per bottle due to oxidation
4.  Wine consumption leads to a lot of waste | Only 18% of bottles actually get recycled
5.  Data Aggregation | To collect consumer data first-hand, at the point of consumption
6.  Innovate the category | Merge tradition with technology
7.  Create a wine library in your hand and on your counter

Our audience:

Female First (male 2nd)
Educated / Affluent
Socially conscious
Wine Drinkers


Value: Tradition meets technology, Romance meets sustainability, Trusted, Responsible 

Strategic Statement: Build a loved brand for wine-by-the-glass products


We created brand guidelines for our mobile applications to keep the UI consistent across the board. We also created custom iconography that visualized our unique product offerings. Some of these illustrations were brought into other parts of the design development ie. the product packaging, pitch decks, investor presentations, etc. 


Industrial Design 

The development of the hardware product went through many phases, including consultations with various partners. We sketched, modeled, tested, and evolved multiple times to get the final form. 


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