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Float is a mobile app that helps treat anxiety and depression in children through proven CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques. I was approached by the founder to help develop the brand and application from the ground up. Initially, the team didn't have a name for the product so we started by laying the groundwork with core value and branding exercises to tease out the "why" of the company and translate those values across touchpoints. The founding team included the founder (ex-Samsung Health PM), 2 world-renowned psychologists in the CBT field, and myself. 


Lead Designer & Creative Director


UI/UX, Branding, Strategy, Creative Direction




Anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in North America.

  • Affects 40 million people in the US every year
  • 32% of US teens have had an anxiety disorder
  • Drugs are too often the “go-to” treatment - even when they are not the most effective option
  • Anxiety disorders cost $42 billion a year in the US


Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the standard of care for treating anxiety disorders. Though the current CBT delivery model is not accessible enough, not scalable, and not affordable.


  • A software platform for managing anxiety disorders, built on a proven CBT model, available to everybody.
  • A delivery model for treating anxiety disorders that is accessible, affordable, and more flexible than existing options.
  • An innovative mobile-first family solution that can engage, educate, and coach parents and teens together.




We explored various names and basic colorways to concept test with our Gen Z and Millennial teens. 

We decided the design & brand should feel like something that comes from a close friend, not a nameless company. We didn't want the brand to feel "clinical" or "all-knowing" but to act more as a friend would in a time of need. Research has found that 41% of these groups struggle with information overload, so we wanted something approachable yet intelligent. 

Float Values: Trustworthy, Evidence-based, Empowering, Normalizing (not an illness)



Product Design

Parents and teens are both guided through a synchronized program of assessment, planning, and coaching to change behaviors contributing to the teen’s anxiety disorder. 

Trigger situations recorded with the perspective of parents and teens allow for a cohesive picture of what is happening and where. These entries are then saved for analysis, planning, and coaching. 

We collaboratively created the ideal user flow using Miro. We continued to wireframes, testing with teens, and high fidelity screens for the MVP prototype. 


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