Spotter App

Spotter aims to fill the gap in your workout routine by utilizing emerging technologies. Spotter uses a paired heart rate monitor, self-reported data and mobile augmented reality to help its users reach their fitness goals.

I conducted initial primary and secondary research to inform the product development process. After sifting through the findings I developed a persona, user journey, wireframes and final UI screens, complete with illustrations. 



Product Designer


Branding, UI/UX



Artboard – 21Artboard – 21
Artboard – 59Artboard – 59


Spotter's AR feature can place digital characters in front of a user to show how a movement is properly executed. 

If a user is having trouble running long distances shown by shorter sessions, Spotter may recommend a different cardiovascular routine to help them reach their goals. 

If a user doesn't have great upper body strength, Spotter will start off with an easier exercise to help build to a higher capacity. 

If a user reports an injury or soreness than Spotter will recommend to switch up the routine to something that's more accessible. 


N E X T   S T E P S

Next steps for the Spotter app are to test with more users and understand what workouts are most popular. We also need to work through the Spotter AR feature and better understand how to augment one's gym or home.